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Vu, Ideomancer Vol. 4 Issue 5, (US), December 2006

I wrote this story in a coffee shop as a diversion from yet another story about characters and their creators. I blame whoever first told me about the multiverse.

Good-bye, Paradise, Farthing #1 (UK), August 2005

This story about flying palm trees developed out of pre-emptive guilt over my desire to cut down my front yard palm tree and plant a "nice weeping willow". Needless to say, the violent reaction of the trees in this story diverted me from my arboreal plans; the tree still stands. Fun fact: In an early draft of this story Mickey's best friend Dan was named "Mike." As one of my readers said, "Having two characters named Mike and Mickey in the same story is a little hard on the subconscious."

[Wow, the L.A. Times even got in on the palm tree discussion]

Within This Present Time, Say... #5 (USA), May 2005

Within This Present Time was the second short story I wrote after "the novel that started it all" in 2001. It occurred to me that I might want to write some short stories in addition to my magnum opus, so in early 2002 this is what emerged from my pen. In my typical "seat-of-the-pants" writing method, I began only with a first sentence, "I spin the light into filaments," and a mischievous godling named Sereela.

The Gifts, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #4 (AUS), Dec/Jan 2003

I wrote The Gifts in May of 2002, all freehand, at the window counter of my favorite writing hangout. A confection of feuding fairies and a sweet baby girl, this story poured out like water. I sent it for critique via the Critters online workshop, and one of the members suggested Andromeda Spaceways. My first story publication! Fun fact: The issue of Andromeda Spaceways "The Gifts" appeared in barely preceded the birth of my daughter in February 2003.

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